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Ayurvedic Yoga For Your Body Type!

Ayurvedic concepts such as nutrition and other lifestyle modifications, combined with Yoga, provide a framework for personalized interventions aimed at restoring health. Combined with Yoga, Ayurveda expands its universal appeal and overall effectiveness. The resulting powerful synergy of AyurYoga heals therapeutically in many senses.

Using the elements of balance, harmony, and healthy living by understanding the three Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, Ayurvedic Yoga is a tool for balancing digestion, the nervous system, sleep issues, anxiety, low energy levels, lethargy and this list goes on! Each Dosha corresponds to a unique body/mind consititution that helps you to tailor your yoga practice and lifestyle practices for optimum health and wellbeing.

This paradigm of Dosha/Consititution is an individual's state of balance set at conception referred to as their prakruti as well as their current state of imbalance is known as vikruti. Most health imbalances are due to poor lifestyle choices, environmental conditions, relationships and other physical and psychological influences. As our normal state of balance is constantly challenged we  become unbalanced or ill. 

Through understanding ourselves, our diets, relationships and how all the choices we make affect our lives an ultimately our health, we are empowered to heal ourselves.

Yoga and the Doshas - Basics

Vata Dosha needs grounding and stability. For balancing Vata Dosha we us postures that are calming, grounding, and allow for a deeper connection with the earth. For this dosha we need a serene practice that includes forward bends, twists and slow/deep breathing.

Balance the fiery and passionate qualities of Pitta Dosha with a calming approach. Harmonize the digestive organs through gentle backbends and twists. Embrace a cooling practice with breath techniques like Sheetali pranayama.

Energize and invigorate Kapha Dosha by incorporating faster movement and intensity into your practice. Shorten Shavasanas, emphasize Sun Salutations, and bring 100% of your ability to the mat. Kapha constitution receives balance and health from a dynamic and invigorating experience.

Guiding Principles:

  • AyurYoga offers an individualized approach to healing through Yoga based on Ayurvedic principles. According to Ayurveda each individual has their own unique constitutional paradigm. Learn more here:

  • Law of Opposites: Balancing each Dosha means doing yoga postures that are opposite of the qualities that are out of balance. For example if you tend to feel lethargic, an invigorating practice is best. If you tend to feel anxious, a slow and calming practice is recommended.

  • Enjoy your movements: Prioritize joy and mindfulness in every class. Visualize an uplifting experience even before you begin.

  • Don't push yourself to do long practices. Consistency is more important than length of time, so schedule 10-20 minutes each day to follow my yoga for your dosha videos:

At Mudra Wellness I strive to make Ayurvedic health services available to everyone.

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