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What People Say

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Ansley Emerson

Jill is an incredibly intuitive, wise, loving, and grounded person. Her Ayurvedic Self Cleanse workshop came at the perfect time in my life. The content was clearly organized in three sections which allowed for a week of preparation before the main cleanse and a week of integration after the main cleanse. Jill gave clear and thorough explanations of all the content and practices. She also provided tons of amazing resources for recipes and other information. Jill’s presence made me feel so safe and supported and I felt completely comfortable telling her my concerns and health experiences.


I had no idea how much this cleanse would impact my life! I expected a shift in my food/diet (which was delicious still!) but what really happened was a total transformation of my state of being. I felt like I was given complete permission just to BE. To release the internal and external pressures I was feeling. To allow myself to relax and really listen to my body. I felt myself drop into a deep state of the feminine, of receiving and aligning rather than pushing and forcing. I experienced so much self-care and self-love, which has given me an amazing foundation to live and serve from. The knowledge and practices that Jill taught continue to play a role in my life today. I am so grateful and I highly recommend this cleanse and Jill’s services to anyone!

Lydia L.

I Got results for issues immediately. The course was very engaging, it really covered everything. It more than met  my expectations. I have already recommended this course to several friends.

Denise Monnier

Thank you for this experience! It was very helpful to me in terms of seeing how my choices were aggravating my system and I have been able to make changes to my regular habits that have maintained the benefits of the cleanse.

Kim G.

This was the first time I was able to complete a cleanse (and I have tried a few times). I suppose I was ready to give up some of the items (caffeine, sugar, dairy) the first week which then made the second week easier.

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